5 Problems Caused By Dull Wood Chipper Blades

5 Problems Caused By Dull Wood Chipper Blades

If you have been chipping wood for a while now, you know that keeping your blades in good condition is the most important thing. One of the biggest problems that you have to deal with is blunt and dull blades. It’s a common problem that has a solution in the regular sharpening of the parts.

But what most machine users don’t know are the problems that are caused by blunt and dull wood chipper blades. That’s why some delays in having their blades sharpened. Here are some of the problems you expose yourself to when you operate with dull blades:

Excessive Vibration And Strain On The Wood Chipper

One of the major problems that will start developing immediately you have dull blades on your machine is the excessive vibration. We all know the kind of damages that excessive vibration can have on your machine. It increases machine wear and tear. In addition to that, you will add strain on the wood chipper, and this may be seen on the overheating of the machine.

Reduced Performance

The other problem that will be caused by the dull wood chipper blades is the reduced performance of the machine. From the feeding performance to cutting performance of the machine, you will experience a decline. That means even the productivity of the machine will be reduced by a huge margin. That’s why you need to consider sharpening these blades frequently.

Engine Horsepower and Fuel Waste

There is no doubt that dull wood chipper blades will cause waste of your machine horsepower and diesel. When you have blunt and dull wood chipper blades, your machine will be forced to work harder for the same tasks. That means you will be producing high horsepower and burn more fuel to do the same work. That means an increased cost of operation.

Poor Quality Chips

The other problem that you will have to deal with operating with dull wood chipper blades is poor chips quality. You will notice that the quality of the chips will start going down because your blades cannot cut efficiently. If you are chipping wood for business, you might find yourself losing customers because of poor quality services.

Lost Time and Money

With dull wood chipper blades, you will spend a lot of time on a task that would have taken a very short time with sharp blades. The machine also consumes a lot of fuel to finish a simple task. These are just some of the ways you lose money and time.

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