How To Distinguish Flexo Printing Plates Manufacturers

How To Distinguish Flexo Printing Plates Manufacturers

The major thing you need to do when in the flexographic printing industry is distinguishing the various flexo printing plates manufacturers. There are so many in the industry, and if you are not careful, you might end up buying from the wrong one. The result will be low-quality flexo printing plates that do match your printing needs.

There are so many factors that make good flexo printing plates manufacturers. If you are going to the market or has been there, this guide will help you choose the best flexo printing plates, manufacturer. Check out the following tips:


The first thing that distinguishes flexo printing plates manufacturers is the experience they have in the market. This is an important factor if you are really interested in getting quality plates. The longer the experience of the manufacturer, the better they are. The importance of longer experience is it enables the manufacturer to fix the problem in their production line that hampers quality. So the longer they have been in the market, the better the quality of the flexo printing plates is likely to be.


You need to know what previous customers are saying about their flexo printing plates. Are they happy with the kind of products they got from the manufacturer? You can tell the number of positive reviews you find. For negative reviews or dissatisfied customers, you need to know what is the reason.

Scale of Production

The scale of production is another important factor to distinguish flexo printing plates manufacturers. Depending on the kind of order that you want to place, you need a manufacturer that has a minimum part order suiting your needs. Some of the manufacturers have very high minimum orders making it impossible for small scare printers to order. If you need a large number of flexo printing plates, you also need to check if the manufacturer has the capacity to deliver.


The other way to distinguish flexo printing plates manufacturers is the location. You have two major options that you can select from – local and overseas. You need to ensure that you have the best regardless of the location. Quality matters the most. But you also need to check the ease of access of the plates. If you can get a good local manufacturer, the better.

Quality Control

How they control quality is another way you can distinguish flexo printing plates manufacturers. A good manufacturer should have a good control system in their production. That’s best to get quality flexo printing plates.