Main Properties Of Cold Forged Steel

Main Properties Of Cold Forged Steel

What makes cold forged steel poplar are the many benefits it offers as a raw material for metallic products. The availability of alloys of steel, some that are cold forgeable and still produce excellent mechanical properties, also makes it popular. But what can you expect to get from cold forged steel?

Well, there are many properties that stand out, and in most cases, they are what customers and manufacturers are looking for. Here are just some of the key properties you need to check:

High Ductility

The ductility of a metallic material is its ability to withstand the bending force it is exposed to. In the metallic industry, whether in the construction industry or automobile, the forgings or metallic part will be exposed to bending stress, and this could cause breakage or fractures. But still can withstand this because of its high ductility properties.

Impact Toughness

The impact toughness is another factor making cold forged steel an ideal material for metal products. The impact can cause severe damages to the machine parts. Steel, with its impact toughness, can withstand such conditions hence increasing the parts’ lifespan.

Fracture Toughness

The ability to withstand fractures will have a great impact on the product’s useful life. Cold forged steel can withstand condition that exposes the product or the machine part to fractures. This means that the lifespan of the parts can be improved, unlike when other metals such as aluminum are used.

Fatigue Strength

How long can you work with the forged part without getting damaged due to long exposure? Well, fatigue can greatly damage forged products, and this means you cannot work with the machine for long hours. But that’s a problem that is solved by cold forged steel forgings. With excellent fatigue strength properties, it becomes the ideal material for rough conditions.

Tensile Strength

Tension is one of the elements you cannot avoid in machines such as automobiles and also in construction industries. While automobiles changing position exposes some parts of the machine to higher tension metallic beams for the construction can also get the same effect. But with the high tensile strength, cold forged steel becomes one of the best choices in the market.

Better Wear Resistant

The hardness and strength that come with cold forged steel is another property that makes it ideal for metallic products. The high wear resistance enables it to withstand wear and abrasive conditions. This means if put in the same condition as most forged metals, they will last longer.