Reason Why Hot Forging Press Tonnage Matter

Reason Why Hot Forging Press Tonnage Matter

When doing hot forging, there are a number of things that a manufacturer needs to consider. The material, forging temperature, and machine capacity are some of the crucial factors. But the most important is the tonnage rating of the hydraulic press.

There all kinds of ton ratings, including the powerful 1000 ton hot forging press. But you might need a relatively smaller machine like a 20 ton hot forging press. So, the tonnage rating is determined by many factors. So why does the tonnage rating matter?

It Determines the Load

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is buying the wrong size of hot forging press. There are many sizes of machines, all designed for specific kinds of loads. If you want a press machine to forge food can, then even several tons of hydraulic press can do that. But if you want to for huge and put pieces of metals such and steel turbine shaft, you might need to buy a 1000 ton hot forging press. So, the tonnage of the machine determines the load a machine can handle.

The Power Needed

The hot forging press machines use electricity to power a pump that initiated the force on a small piston. The size of the pump is determined by the overall size of the machine. A 1000 ton hot forging press will definitely have a large pump that will produce a large force on the small piston. Knowing the tonnage of the hydraulic press machine will allow you to know the amount of power you need. If it’s a 3-phase machine and you are supplied with a single-phase, you will have problems.


The size of the hot forging press machines is mostly equal to the space occupied. If you want to hot forge car engine parts, then you don’t have a very large machine. This also means the space you will need for the machine is also small. But if you want to forge large shafts, you might almost have a 1000 ton hot forging press. Because of the large size, you also need a larger space. You don’t want to have a machine delivered only to find out you don’t have space.

These are three major reasons why hot forging press tonnage matters. Don’t just buy a press machine blindly because it might end up useless. Pay attention to details to ensure you have gotten the right equipment.