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The Making Of The Flexo Printing Plate: Facts You Need To Know

The Making Of The Flexo Printing Plate: Facts You Need To Know

Flexo printing is probably one of the most widely used printing methods in the industry. This printing is most common for the printing of labels and packaging, including foils, films, papers, paperboards and so on.

What makes flexo printing unique and popular is the high production that this printing delivers. But how are the flexo printing plates made? The flexo printing plate making is a process that brings a number of things together. Here are facts you need to know about the making of flexo printing plates:

Images To Print

The first thing about the flexo printing plate making is the image to be printed. This is an important stage that takes all the customer’s details regarding the image they want. The image is worked on, and with time, then the actual flexo plate making can be started.

Material For Plates

The first thing about flexo printing plate making is the material to use. In the current market, Photopolymer is the material that has been the most widely used. Some companies are also using digital polymer. Whichever the material, the quality of the plate, as per the customer’s request, is the most important thing.

Back Exposure

This is the first stage in the making of the flexo printing plate. The stage includes exposing the image on the film negatively and, in most cases, using a laser image setter. This is the stage where the printable image comes into contact with the polymer plate. This stage also includes exposing the plate and the film to UV light so that the image is transferred onto the polymer material.

Laser Engraving

With the image how of the polymer material, the engraving work can now start. The polymer plate is loaded on the laser engraving machine, where the laser beam writes the printable image on the plate in the desired resolution. The plate is also UV exposed while being engraved. This is an important stage.

Wash Out Stage

This stage includes washing out the flexo printing plate so that the image written on them can get a raised relief. With this, the printable image is on the plate and can be felt. It is now almost ready for use.

Drying and UVA & UVC Treatment

This is the last stage and includes drying the washout fluid and treating the plate with UVA and UVC light.

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