Things You Should Know About Cold Forging Copper

Things You Should Know About Cold Forging Copper

The cold forging copper is a practice that has increasingly grown popular over the last few decades. Copper was previously hot forged to form various shapes, but cold forging is increasingly gaining popularity. There are several things you need to know about cold forging copper and here are just some of them.

What is cold forging copper?

Cold forging copper is a process by which the copper metal is forged at room temperature. The forging does not require any form of heating. There are many companies doing it, including CxinForging, which is one of the biggest and best forging manufacturers.

Requirements For Copper Forging

The major requirements for cold forging copper are the raw materials and the forging machines and equipment. Tools will also be necessary. For the cold forging materials, the quality of copper is one of the crucial factors to consider. For the equipment and tools, a hydraulic machine is necessary and other tools.

Copper Forging Process Steps

The process of cold forging copper is pretty straightforward, and here are the steps to follow:

Select Copper Material

Start with selecting the right copper quality that you need based on the quality of the forging that is required.  This is an important fact to consider because there are many copper qualities in the market, and you need to get the right one. The other thing you need to consider is the size of the copper you will need for the forging.

Shaping the Billet and Mold Making

Once you have selected the copper and cut it, you need to start with the shaping of the billet and the making of the molds. Make sure that you have the right dies for the forging, and then make sure the workpiece fits in the die. Otherwise, you will have a problem with the shape and the size of the forging.


This is where the pressing of the workpiece to form the desired product is done. Workpiece, after preparations such as reshaping, the workpiece is placed on the die. The hydraulic press is set to provide press force to deliver plastic deformation, and that’s how the forging takes shape to take the shape of the die. That’s how copper forgings are produced.


With the copper cold-forged and the forgings produced, the next step should be heat treatment to harden the forging. This is an important step. In most cases, the cold forging copper process does not need finishing work.