Tips for Selecting Bobcat Auger Teeth for You skid Steer Auger

Tips for Selecting Bobcat Auger Teeth for You skid Steer Auger

When it comes to selecting Bobcat auger teeth for a skid steer driven-auger attachment, there are various factors that should be considered carefully. First, you need to understand the kind of machine that you are dealing with. You need to understand the type of skid steer that you are working with and more so its capacity of horsepower. The second thing is the kind of auger attachment that you are using. That includes the size and where it can be used.

With a clear understanding of the two factors, now it is easy to pick the right Bobcat auger teeth for your skid steer auger attachment. First, you should understand that Bobcat auger teeth are highly compatible with all almost all the popular brands of the auger in the market. So the tips of selecting Bobcat auger teeth for skid steer auger attachment are more like universal tips due to the versatility. Here are the Key tips to check:

Size of Teeth

The size of the teeth is a crucial factor to consider, and it comes in various ways. First, you need to check the actual length of the teeth depending on the conditions that you are working on. That will ensure that if you are doing a replacement, the teeth will be uniform. The second thing that you should consider is the diameter of the teeth tip or teeth shank. Make sure that the edge of the carbide shank of the recommended diameter depending on the skid steer horsepower. The diameter of the teeth should withstand the pressure produced by the skid steer without breaking while at the same time offering peak cutter performance.

Check the Quality Material

While drilling, it is always recommended that you check the quality of the material used for the construction of the teeth, especially if you buying non-OEM products. The quality of teeth determines the quality of teeth. Tungsten carbide for the tip and carbon alloy or forged steel are the most recommended. However, if you are buying from the original manufacturer, then that may not be necessary, but it’s important to ask.

Type of Tip

Depending on the kind of drilling work that you’ll be doing or the nature of the soil to be drilled, it is important to select the right tip. First, there are three types of tips in the market that you pick from plug, cam and narrow bottom tips. Plug tip has a physical lock between the carbide and steel while rely braze joint. The narrow bottom is a combination of the two and most powerful. The cost also varies between the two with the plug being the cheapest. Therefore, choose depending on your soil conditions.

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