Tips to Maintain King Kong Teeth in Good Condition

Tips to Maintain King Kong Teeth in Good Condition

Just like the rest of the aftermarket products in the market, King Kong tools are also prone to wear and tear. Although they are among the best in the industry in terms of the productivity, performance, and longevity, you might fail to enjoy these benefits if they are not used properly. Using your machine tools properly and maintain them is critical for consistent performance and productivity. But how do you ensure that your teeth are maintained? Here are tips to maintain your King Kong teeth:

Proper Use of Teeth

Avoid exposure you’re the King Kong teeth to conditions that are extremely tough for them. It is important to check the condition that you will be working on. They should not be beyond what is specified on the teeth. Also, features of the prime mover such as the amount of horsepower must also be checked. Note that how the King Kong teeth are used will definitely affect the lifespan and the cost of the maintenance. Pick the ground conditions carefully.

Proper Maintenance

This is one of the most important factors to consider seriously. However, some operators do not take maintenance with the seriousness it needs. For them as long as the machine is working, then they have a problem. But that should not be the case. Regular maintenance helps the user identifying faults while still small and rectify it before it becomes uncontrollable. That could be a crack on the teeth surface that could result in breakage the teeth if not repaired. So, make sure that you have maintained your King Kong Tools continuously as advised by the manufacturer.

Replace Faulty Teeth

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is avoiding King Kong teeth replacement when necessary. What that does is putting a strain on the remaining teeth and thus increasing the rate of wear. Therefore, the remaining teeth (which are in good condition) are overloaded, and that’s what leads to increased rate of wear. It also leads to a reduction the machine’s lifespan.

Keep Spare parts

Having spare parts King Kong tools another way to keep your wear running for long. It ensures that when you have an urgent problem, you can fix it instantly and thus avoid unnecessary wear down of the entire machine. Make sure that you have ordered extra King Kong parts so that you can have the problem fixed without the need for supplies.


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