When You Should Consider Weld-On Carbide Teeth

When You Should Consider Weld-On Carbide Teeth

Weld on carbide teeth has an extensive application in that they can be used for all cutting tasks from drilling to mulching amongst others. However, there is no surface that is specified for weld on carbide teeth, but it is the condition that shows the need to for these Kind of teeth.

Unlike most of the teeth in the market, weld on carbide teeth is designed for tough application and in most cases for hard conditions where the rest of the teeth cannot are less effective. The main feature that makes these teeth strong is the joint joining the carbide tip and the steel body. But when should you know that it is time to consider weld on carbide teeth for your machine? Well, there are various conditions that these types of teeth excel the most. Check out the following:

When the Conditions Are Extremely Hard

When the surface conditions are extremely hard for the typical carbide teeth, then you should consider applying the weld on carbide teeth. Some of the conditions, be it mulching or drilling, the common types of teeth may not be in a position to offer the best service since their joint may not be strong enough to handle the pressure and the heat generated in such conditions. For instance, if you are doing foundation drilling or trenching in tough conditions, there is a likelihood of the common teeth being ineffective, and that is when you should consider applying the weld on carbide teeth.

Breaking of the Teeth

One of the biggest benefits of weld on carbide teeth(For more details https://www.foundationdrillingtools.com/) is that they have a very strong joint. That is the reason why they can deliver in the toughest conditions without breaking. But the most of the typical carbide teeth, the joint is relatively weaker compared to what the weld-on options are offering.  That is the reason why some of these teeth experience breakages if the conditions become extremely tough. But the weld on carbide teeth, it is very difficult to start to experience any form of breakage. Therefore, if your teeth are breaking, then you should consider replacing quality weld-on options.

Reduced Performance and Productivity

Weld on carbide teeth is best known for their incredible performance and productivity. That is due to their carbide tip sharpness and the high strength. If you feel that your machine is not providing peak performance as it should and you have tried everything to improve it in vain, then you should consider replacing the teeth with weld on carbide teeth. You will be impressed by the improvement.

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