3 Common Types of FAE Mulcher Teeth For Buyers

3 Common Types of FAE Mulcher Teeth For Buyers

After working with your FAE mulcher for some time, the condition of the teeth will start deteriorating with time. Although repairs are highly recommended, the condition may be far beyond repair and in some cases, the only option available to fix the problem is by making a replacement. But where can you get the replacement for your teeth from? Well, what most people do not know is the fact that there are various types of teeth to choose from. There are three types of FAE mulcher teeth for sale that you can get in the market. Check out the following:

Original Manufacturer

For most people, they get their mulcher teeth from the original manufacturer. These are the original manufacturers of the actual brand of the machine. For instance, the FAE mulcher is produced by the FAE Company. That simply means that the FAE Company has the spare parts from the machines that they produce. Therefore, buyers can get FAE mulcher teeth for sale from the original company where they bought the machine. There are numerous benefits that comes with original manufacturer mulcher teeth including the originality and authenticity of the products. They are also a perfect fit for the machine.

Aftermarket Teeth

Aftermarket FAE mulcher teeth are a different type of teeth that are produced by the third party companies. However, these companies uses the same specification as the original manufacturers and thus there is not much differences between the two. In fact, there are numerous highly reputable companies in the market such as King Kong and JYF Machinery, which have been producing high quality aftermarket FAE mulcher teeth and other wear parts. These types of teeth are best known for their friendlier prices without compromising the quality. With these kind of teeth, it is important to ensure that you have bought from a reputable manufacturer.

Used/Refurbished Teeth

These are some of the common types of teeth that widely available in the local dealers shop. They are usually types of teeth that have been scavenged from older, faulty or machines that have been broke down. These teeth may be sold directly if they are in good conditions or they can be refurbished to improve their condition. Although these types of FAE mulcher teeth for sale may have a shorter lifespan, they are cheap and still deliver incredibly well. If properly maintained, they can serve you for long.

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