The Hydraulic Driven Bull Hog Fecon Mulchers

The Hydraulic Driven Bull Hog Fecon Mulchers

Fecon Company describes itself as the home to Bull Hog mulching attachments, and there is no doubt about that. The company which is best known for releasing some of the most powerful Bull Hog mulching machines in the market. So far, the company has released a number of Bull Hog versions, and the response has been great and positive. Among the most popular fecon mulcher attachments are the Hydraulic driven Bull Hogs versions.

Hydraulic driven Bull Hogs are a special type of Fecon mulchers that are configured to provide an incredibly powerful performance and productivity in the most demanding conditions. Unlike the typical mulching attachment, these bull Hogs provides an incredible combination of cutting tools performance, powerful motor, driveline options and ease of operations. Here are key features that make these attachments stand out:

Ease of Use

The ease of use is one of the key features that make Hydraulic driven Bull Hogs popular in the market. Unlike most of the mulching attachments that would require a lot of work to be attached to the drive, these machines are designed with pin-on or quick-attach mounts. Therefore, you will not have a problem with tools or technician to help set the mulching attachment. In addition, Fecon also allows customers to place orders for customized mounts thus making things even much easier.


Nothing works well in demanding conditions such as a heavy duty machine. Fecon’s Hydraulic driven Bull Hogs are heavy duty machines that also comes with severe-duty model features. These are crucial features for a piece of equipment that is designed for harsh and extremely demanding conditions. These rugged designed machines provide incredible performance in forestry mulching and also rock mulching. Therefore, these are the kind of machine one would need to invest in for tough mulching conditions.

High Power

The reason why these machines can afford to deliver incredible performance is due to the amount of power that the motor produces. According to Fecon Mulchers specifications on Bull Hogs, these hydraulic systems can reach up to 600 hp. That is an incredibly high power that is capable of clearing in the form of vegetation.

Various Rotor Configuration

When it comes to rotor configurations, these hydraulic driven Bull Hogs offers incredible versatility. Whether you are looking for FGT, DCR, or HDT rotor configurations, you can get all of that from these attachments. That’s a feature that is rare to find in most of the mulcher attachment.

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