Benefits if Dual-Tipped (double-edged teeth) stump grinder teeth

Benefits if Dual-Tipped (double-edged teeth) stump grinder teeth

The most important thing when it comes to stump grinder teeth is the performance and productivity of the machine.  That is why the choice of the teeth is a critical factor to take into account. To help achieve that, there are various types of teeth in the market to choose from. Among the most popular stump grinder cutters are the dual-tipped teeth. There are special types of teeth that come with cutting edges in both ends. In the recent times, these types of teeth have quickly grown popular due to the due to the various benefits that they come with. Here are the key benefits of dual-tipped stump grinder teeth.

Better Slicing Action

When it comes to slicing or grinding the stumps, dual-tipped teeth are better compared to the single-tipped edges. That is due to the level of impact created by the tooth. Note that this kind of teeth cuts using both ends and thus they spread on both sides of the wheel. That is what enables them to create a huge impact while rotating and thus the better slicing properties. That is why they are known to record a better performance compared to the common teeth in the market.

Better Tool Utilization

Tool utilization is one of the critical features when it comes to industrial machines and tools. Getting maximum utilization is about getting the best out of your machine. There are numerous ways that you can achieve that but getting the right tool for the machine is the most effective way. With the dual-tipped stump grinder teeth, it will be like you are using teeth sets of teeth but in reality, you are using one tooth. Therefore, you are to get maximum utilization of teeth of you cutter tools.

Reduced Cost Operation

With of the most significant benefits that operators get from dual-tipped stump grinder teeth(click here to know more about it) is a reduced cost of operations. That includes the cost of making repairs and replacement. With these teeth, you will drastically reduce the cost of replacements since you will be buying one tooth for two. Although the cost of single dual-tipped tooth teeth could a little higher compared to the common teeth (tipped on one edge only), the cost is lower compared to buying two teeth.

These are some of the buying double-edged or dual-tipped stump grinder teeth. You will significantly increase your machine’s productivity while at the same time cut on the cost of operations and maintenance.

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