Possible Causes of Stump Grinder Teeth One-Sided Wear

Possible Causes of Stump Grinder Teeth One-Sided Wear

It is not uncommon for the stump grinder teeth to experience one-sided wear. But that should not be the case. Wear parts including the grinder teeth are designed to wear but on a uniform and gradual way. When you release that your teeth are wearing more on one side, then there is a problem. But what are the major causes of one-sided stump grinder teeth wear? Well, there are some things that could be wrong with the machine or the grinding conditions. Check out the following:

Misaligned Teeth

As the teeth are placed on the cutting disk of the grinder machine, they should be aligned in a way that they all cut uniformly. However, sometimes the teeth may become misaligned right from the installation stage. In other cases, it could be as a result of or during the removal of the stump. In such cases, one side of the teeth will be exposed more to the load, and that is what causes one-sided wear. The result is usually the weakening of the teeth and also a high rate of wear. That is why it is recommended that you check your teeth regularly for misalignment.

Sticky/hard Conditions

Another reason why your stump grinder teeth could be wearing more on one side is cutting tough conditions. It could also be working in a sticky condition. That is why it is recommended that you select the kind of stump that you are removing carefully. It is also important to note that every type of stump grinder teeth in the market is designed for specific conditions. You should see the kind of wood that your teeth can handle. Avoid hard and dry wood if your teeth are not designed for such conditions. That’s one of the best ways of dealing with this kind of wear.

Excess Buildup of Material

Another reason why you may be experiencing one-sided wear of your stump grinder teeth is an excess buildup of materials. In most cases, these materials include dust, wood chips, sand and sometimes gum from trees. In most conditions, you’ll find that such build-up accumulates on one side of the teeth. Therefore, that side does not do much cutting and thus wears less. That is the reason why maintaining your machine regularly is highly recommended. proper maintenance helps you to get rid of such problems before the condition gets worse. You should wash off building material

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