The Best Types of Mulcher Teeth/Flails for Your Denis Cimaf Machine

The Best Types of Mulcher Teeth/Flails for Your Denis Cimaf Machine

The most common asked question when it comes to Denis Cimaf mulchers and other mulcher brands is about “the best teeth.” That is simply because if go wrong while buying the teeth, then you will mess everything else.  When it comes to Denis Cimaf teeth, there are some options you can choose from especially for the standard ground mulching.

However, there are various factors that you need to take into account for you to get the best Denis Cimaf teeth(click here to know more about it) for your mulching machine. First, you need to consider the size of the mulching machine that you are using and the kind of the vegetation that you will be clearing. For the common vegetation such as weed. Grass and brushes, you have a vast range to pick from. Here are some of the key types of Denis Cimaf mulcher flails that you should consider:

Hammer Flails

These are some of the widely used teeth ion many mulchers due to the numerous advantages that they come with over the other frail alternatives. As the name suggests, these Denis Cimaf mulcher teeth are designed for more resilience. They are hard and made of a more tough material, and thus they can withstand the problem of dirt and hitting stones while mulching. Therefore, they are durable compared to most of the available options. They can also be used for tough conditions such as tough grass. However, if you are looking for fine mulch, these are not the best option to go for.

Y Flails

As the name suggests, these types of Denis Cimaf flails comes in a Y shape. These types of teeth are best known for numerous advantages such as cutting up the material or vegetation finely. That’s one of the advantages that makes them the best alternatives to hammer flails. They also easy to work with and a lot easier to drive compared to hammer flails. Another advantage over the hammer frail is the fact that they consume less fuel and thus more economical. However, they cannot withstand hitting hard soils or rocks while mulching since they can bend or break.

Triple Flail

This is a combination of the hammer and Y flails. They are designed to address major shortcomings of the two types of flails. First, these teeth can mulch finely and makes the mulcher easy to operate. The used of a straight center blade address the problem of bending and breaking of the Y flails. Therefore, they are the best option if you are looking for versatility.

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